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Welcome to our house in Togo. It is situated in the village of Aného, just by the beach, in a neighborhood with mostly fishermen and their families. It is a yellow house with two apartments and a spacious terrace. You can rent it for only a few days or for months, whatever suits you. You might be here to work, to learn the language, to meet people, to dance and drum or just to take a look around. Many people ask what there is to do and see in Togo. Even if there are lots of things to see and visit, especially if the African continent is new for you, maybe the foremost reason of going to Togo is to be able to do nothing. Just being there, look at the vibrant life around you and meet every days as it comes.

Aného is situated a few miles from the neighboring country of Benin and one hour by car from Ghana. Just click for pictures and more information in the menu at the top of this page.

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Togolese dance

Intensive course

17-30 april 2011

Villa Suédoise, Aného, Togo


You will get to know a variety of dances and rythms.  Mostly from the Éwé and Gé-Mina-people in the south of Togo (Ghana/Benin). The traditional togolese dance is both very explosive and soft. Dancing it means consedering many small details, at the same time it gives you a speedheated physical training, and a rush. If there is a need for it we will divide the course into different levels of difficulty. The course is led by Julien Djenke, who is a dancer, drummer and leader for Ballet Zondede. Julien is a great dancer but also a very skilled teacher. He teach in french, swedish and mina (the local language). Many of the participants knows english and will translate for those who need that. Jenny and Julien have had a dance cooperation since 1995. Julien and Zondede has been to Sweden twice. They have also received and thaught a lot of people that has arrived to Togo to dance.

We start the course with an opening and welcoming party in Villa Suédoise. The purpose of that is ofcourse to start getting to know each other. Following that there will be two dancesessions per day, each session stretching out for two hours. For those who wish, the course also include a halfday tour to togoville, to get to know some of the countrys history, a half day tour to the big market in Lomé and a two day tour to Kpalimé to see the hills and the sculpturing. We will also be constructing our own Assogoé during the course. There is also a possibility to work with textiles or see the making of a djembe. The rest of the time there will be swimming in the Atlantic, dancing and everyday life the african way. We will dance on the beach outside Villa Suédoise. For those who want to participate the course will be ended with a dance spectacle.

The price for participating is 500 €. That includes dance, food, water, picking up and dropping of at the airport and the three tours.

Costs for lodging, drinking (besides water) and the flight ticket to Togo are not included. We gladly assist you with lodging if you want. Villa Suédoise has a few rooms and there are hotels just around the corner. These hotels cost somewhere in between 12-40 € per night. There is also the possibility of renting a room in a house nereby or just live in a hut. You book the flight by yourself but we gladly assist with our advice. 

Welcome to Aného and two great weeks of dancing

 Jenny & Julien


muren vid huset Emmanuel & Marie vid trappen blomma på gården